English 27.02.22

  1. My family and I are just back from an amazing holiday in the Bahamas. We had a great time! The weather was fantastic it was really hot and sunny. My family and I were so happy there. I know it is not that long ago but I am already missing the sun and the sea. especially today because the weather is cold here. On the other hand of course it is nice to be back home with all my friends. 5.
1. Peter/ go for a walk? Did Peter go for a walk yesterday? Yes, he did

2 Peter/ play golf? Did Peter play golf ? Yes, he did

3 Peter / write a letter. Did Peter write a letter? No, he didn’t

4. Mr. and Mrs. Page/ play golf? Did Mr. and Mrs. page play golf? No, they didn’t

5. Mr. and Mrs. Page / wash the car? Did Mr. and Mrs. page wash the car? Yes they did.


1 Last Sunday, Maria didn’t wake up late.
2. Last Sunday, Maria did her homework.
3. Last Sunday, Maria didn’t speak to her friend
4. Last Sunday, Maria didn’t have lunch with her grandparents
5 Last Sunday, Maria took her dog, Fluffy, out for a walk
6 Last Sunday, Maria helped her mother make dinner

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