Запишите словами

Կատարել առաջադրանքը․

Запишите словами.

8-восемь, 11-одиннадцать,17-семнадцать, 60-шестьдесят ,82-восемьдесят два, 52-пятьдесят  два, 67-шестьдесят  семь, 75-семьдесят пять ,64-шестьдесят четыре ,58-пятьдесят восемь, 31-тридцать один.


It is winter. It’s cold in winter.  Sometimes it snows in winter. Children often play snowballs, make a snowman and have fun. The winter months are: December, January, February.  English people celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. They love this holiday very much. They buy Christmas presents for their families. They send Christmas cards to their relatives and friends. They decorate the Christmas tree. It is bright and beautiful. They put their presents under the tree. Children put their stockings on the chair. At night Santa Claus comes and puts presents in their stockings. They eat Christmas pudding or Christmas cake. 

Armenians celebrate Christmas on the 6th of January. We see the New Year in on the 31 of December. 

to celebrate-նշել, տոնել

Christmas presents-Սուրբ ծննդյան նվերներ

to send Christmas cards-ուղարկել Սուրբ ծննդյան բացիկներ

to decorate-զարդարել


to put-դնել

to see the New Year in-դիմավորել Նոր տարին