English 29.04.22

14. Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the past simple.

1. A: Did you enjoy the film last night?

B: No, I didn’t. It was a horror film.

2. A: Did you go to work yesterday?

B: No I didn’t. I never work on Saturdays.

3. A: Did you see Charles yesterday?

B: Yes. We had lunch together.

4. A: Does Colin work at a bank?

B: No, he doesn’t. He works at a post office.

5. A: What time do you start school every day?

B: Eight o’clock. But yesterday we started at eight thirty

6. A: What do you do at weekends?

B: We usually go to the beach.

7. A: Did you do anything exciting last Saturday?

B: No, not really. I watched TV and read a book.


1 Cars/are safer than motorbikes. Motorbikes are more dangerous than cars. Motorbikes are not as safe as cars.

2 Planes are faster than ships. Ships are slower than planes. Ships are not as fast as planes.

3. Trains are more expensive than buses. Buses are cheaper than trains. Buses are cheaper than trains.

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