English 04.25.22

To eat

She is eating burger now.

Usually he eats orange at morning.

He ate sandwich yesterday at morning.

He will eat egg tomorrow at morning.

to catch

I am catching a fish now.

Usually I catch fish in the sea.

1 month later I caught fish in the ocean.

Tomorrow I will catch fish in the ocean.

 to watch

Grandmother is watching football now.

Grandmother watches football every nights.

Grandmother watched football yesterday at nights.

Grandmother will watch football today at night.

to go

I am going to my friend’s house.

Usually I go to my friend’s house.

yesterday I went to my friend’s house.

I well go to my friend’s house at weekends.

to help

I am helping my friend to do homework now.

I helps my friend to do homework. 

I helped my friend to do homework 2days ago.

I well help my friend to do homework today in evening.