Merry christmas in south korea

The Lunar new year in south korea is one of the most important traditional holidays. This year, the celebrations will start on February 1st, 2023 and its holiday will be three days;

one day before the actual Lunar New Year’s Day, the day and 1 day later the day after holiday. People make travel arrangements to visit their hometown by booking bus, train or plane tickets before they run out.

Koreans are busy but food is prepared in advance and people start buying and wrapping gifts for their parents and relatives. Gifts from person to person, but the most common are: “money, ginseng, honey, traditional sweets, dried or fresh seafood, Korean beef and fruits, Health products, massage chairs, and electronics.

Then the family eats different types of food. The main dish for the day is one of the original Korean dishes and is traditionally eaten in the new year, rice cake soup. The clear broth and white rice cakes in Korea are believed to symbolize the beginning of the year with a clean mind and body.


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