Compare the pictures: Adjectives

(146) 14. Look at the picture below. Using the prompts, write sentences comparing the three girls.

1. Jenny/old/ Emma

Jenny is as old as Emma.

2. Mary/short hair/all

Mary has the shortest hair of all.

3. Jenny/thin/Emma

Jenny is thinner than Emma.

4. Mary/tall/Jenny

Mary is taller than Jenny.

5. Mary/old/all

 Mary is the oldest of all.

6. Emma/short/Jenny

Emma is shorter than Jenny.

(150) 5. Compare picture A to picture B as in the example.

1. In picture A, the doll is taller. It has got longer hair. Its dress is shorter.

2. In picture A, the elephant is bigger. It is also more expensive.

3. In picture A, the clown is fatter. It is also happier.

4. In picture A, the balls are smaller.  They are also cheaper.

5.In picture A, the train is bigger.

6. In picture A, the soldiers have shorter hats.

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