English 04.03.22

12. Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the past simple.

1. A: Did you enjoy the film last night?

B: No, I didn’t. It was a horror film.

2. A: Did you go to work yesterday?

B: No I didn’t. I never work on Saturdays.

3. A: Did you see Charles yesterday?

B: Yes. We had lunch together.

4. A: Does Colin work at a bank?

B: No, he doesn’t. He works at a post office.

5. A: What time do you start school every day?

B: Eight o’clock. But yesterday we started at eight thirty

6. A: What do you do at weekends?

B: We usually go to the beach.

7. A: Did you do anything exciting last Saturday?

B: No, not really. I watched TV and read a book.

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