Buying new trainers

Shop assistant: Hi there. Do you need any help?
Mike: Hi. Er … I really like these trainers. How much are they?
Shop assistant: Oh … they’re 20.000AMD.
Mike: OK. Do you have them in a 39?
Shop assistant: I’ll have a look for you.
Mike: Thanks.
Shop assistant: Oh … what colour would you like?
Mike: White, please.
Shop assistant: OK, just a moment, please. (The assistant goes to look for the trainers that Mike wants to try on.) We’ve got a 39 in black, but not in white.
Mike: Oh … do you have size 40 in white?
Shop assistant: Yeah, sure. Do you want to try them?
Mike: Yes, please. (The assistant gets Mike the trainers. Mike tries them on.)
Shop assistant: How are they?
Mike: I like them, but they’re a bit too big, but I’ll buy these for next spring.
Shop assistant: Thanks a lot. Bye now. Mike: Thanks, bye.

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