English 09.12.2020


1 The children are playing in the yard now.

2 My sister waters the flowers every day.

3 Father reads newspaper in the evening.

4 Della is writing the exercises now.

5 They always swim in the lake in summer

6 Bob is at home now. He is doing his lessons.


1 They are writing a dictation now.

2 He plays computer games every day.

3 He is watching TV now.

4 What he is doing now ?

5 We don’t go to school on Sundays.

6 They are not listening music now.


  1. The children are running in the yard.

Are the children running in the yard ?

  1. We write tests on Tuesdays.

Do we write tests on Tuesdays ?

  1. He is answering the questions now.

Is he answering the questions now ?

  1. Kate’s grandmother tells interesting stories.

Does Kate’s grandmother tell interesting stories ?

  1. My sisters water the flowers in the morning.

Do my sisters water the flowers in the morning

  1. They have got a cat.

Have they got a cat ?

  1. Pete has dinner at three o’clock.

Does Pete have dinner at three o’clock ?

  1. My uncle can swim well.

Can my uncle swim well ?

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