English 22.11.2020

I am reading a book. I am not reading a book. Bill is playing a computer game. Bill is not playing a computer game. The boy is running The boy is not running Your dad is driving his car. Your dad is not driving his car. We’re watching TV. We’re not watching TV. The boys are writing in their notebooks. They boys are not writing in their notebooks. Helen is laughing at the moment. Helen is not laughing at the moment 1 He’s playing the violin. 2 We’re going to school. 3 They aren’t play in the park 4 You aren’t listening to me. 5 He is playing the guitar. 6 He isn’t sleeping. Is she driving? Yes, she is. Is it running? No, it isn’t. Are you sending an email? Yes, I am. Are they listening to music? Yes, they are. Is he playing the piano ? No, he isn’t.


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