English 28.10.2020 homework

  1. Phil plays football and tennis. He doesn’t play basketball.
  2. Sofia and Chris play tennis and basketball. They don’t play football.
  3. Rose plays football and basketball. She doesn’t play tennis.
  4. Zack plays tennis and basketball. He doesn’t play football.
  5. Anna and I play football and tennis. We don’t play basketball .

1 Carol gets up at 7o’clock .

2 She has breakfast at 7:30.

3 She goes to school at 8o’clock.

4 She has lunch at 2 o’clock.

5 She does homework in the evening .

6 She watches TV 8o’clock.

7 She goes to bed at 10o’clock

1 Do you like chocolate?

2 Does she play the guitar?

3 Does Carlos listen to music?

4 Do dogs run fast?

5 Does your friend speak English?

6 Do Liz and Ben go to school?

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